Hard Money Loans in Orange County

Traditional mortgages can come with some downfalls such as stricter qualification requirements. A private loan, or hard money loan, allows you to get the mortgage you want even if you have a lower credit score or high debt-to-income ratio. That’s because you work with a private lender that has its own requirements.

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Benefits of Private Loans

Qualify with a lower credit score

Get good terms on your mortgage without needing a 670+ credit score

More flexibility

Work privately with a company or individual and negotiate your terms and requirements

Shorter approval process

Get a loan without extensive appraisals, inspections, and required documents

Less red tape

Move faster through the loan process and get the keys to your home quicker

When Does Private Lending Make Sense?

You can benefit from a hard money home loan in California when:

  • Buying a type of property that traditional lenders won’t finance
  • You’re unable to qualify under traditional financing
  • You want to jump through fewer hoops
  • You have blemished credit
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Common Questions About Private Loans

The Nikkael Advantage: Attorney Owned and Operated

As an attorney-owned and operated mortgage company, we owe our clients a higher ethical obligation than a traditional mortgage broker. That means our clients have a better experience, with superior service, and an outcome that meets their needs, not ours.

No situation is too complex

No situation is too complex

With a real estate attorney at the helm, there is no situation that is too unique or complex for us to handle. Our highly trained team specializes in complex loans.

We’re also real estate attorneys

We’re also real estate attorneys

Nikkael Home Loans is owned and operated by attorneys who know how to work through challenging matters to find the best solution for you.

There’s no pressure

There’s no pressure

We won’t sell you on a loan—instead, we will educate and inform you about the best options to match your needs.

Robert R.
El Cajon, CA
I was extremely impressed with your handling of the loan – I don’t say that very often. Thanks again.
Elizabeth R.
Los Angeles, CA
We are very grateful to have you as our broker, you have helped us a lot and done a great job from the very beginning.
Allen K.
Sherman Oaks, CA
You did a wonderful job, I don’t think anyone else would have taken the time and put in the effort to get my loan closed.

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